Needed: A quicker way to change to stereo output from HDMI

Dear WD team:

I’ve just purchased the latest WD TV after owning the WD TV Live for a couple of years. I though the AAC malarky might have been sorted out in this model but I still have to go to settings to change my audio passthru to stereo for AAC MP4 videos. Of course remembering to swtich back to HDMI passthru is a pain and I miss the better sound from other movies because of it.

Can an update to the firmware or software allow us to toggle the outputs from the remote or something? It would be the icing on the cake for this model. Even an auto detect would be nice and switch the passthru as required.


Something i don’t understand … i’m using “Optical Out” aka Toslink and in the settings i don’t select AAC capable reciever

Setup > Audio/Video Ouput > Audio > HDMI/Optical Passthrough > AAC capable reciever > X

And i will get Stereo sound through my reciever for AAC encoded files (AAC2.0 & AAC5.1)

(the only ones i have a  for are, Dolby Digital and DTS … which come through as 5.1)

So, basically … i don’t have to change any settings to get “sound”  from my reciever, be it AAC,AC3 or DTS

I don’t have a HDMI input on my Audio Reciever …

I but i did notice, there are the same “Manual” settings to select what you’re reciever is capable of…

Have you tried “Manual” settings ? or are you using “Auto” ?

I haven’t unchecked AAC because I assume I am telling WD that my reciever can play them, which it can. However, logic goes out the door in these things so I’ll try that. Thank you.