Need to WD ultra Passport. Suggestions, Pointers, advice Please

Hi everyone I am a new owner of the WD Passport Ultra.  I have never owned one but sure would like some pointers.  I need this for the profession I am entering (lots and lots of paper work).  Please tell me do’s and don’t’s, the needs for this little thing, the must have’s, etc…  I need to use this to its fullest.  I will be in school for the next 6 years.  Then I take the Bar Exam, yeah!!!  But until this, this little thing is going to be my personal law library and Law Bible.  Okay, waiting for all the suggestions and advice.  THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!

Three golden rules:

  1. Don’t drop it, bash it or otherwise treat it roughly. Like any mechanical hard drive, it’s sensitive and delicate.

  2. If a file is important and/or irreplacable, don’t have the copy on the drive as the only one you have. Always keep a backup duplicate.

  3. Don’t just unplug it from your computer - always use the safe remove option under your OS as just pulling it can cause corruption and data loss, especially if you unplug it during a write operation.

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Thank you

What sad statement for a hard drive that was design to keep you personals safe.

Well! It keep everything safe from everybody but Western digital

Building a box that is completely impentrable from its owner and is

like hiding door key in setting concrete block.

The description below ultimately means you cant carry with you…

You certainly can carry it with you, you just need to treat it with a bit of respect, for example by get a case for it and not just throwing it into your bag.

My Ultra is generally wrapped in an Amazon Basics MP case (along with my Ravpower Filehub) and it routinely travels with me all over Europe in my laptop bag. Works fine for me, and is easily sturdy enough to survive travel.

But if you look in this thread there are many examples of people who need help after their drives failed due to getting knocked off tables, dropped or generally abused (accidentally or through negligence). It’s the same with almost every hard drive manufacturer, and is a fact of life for spinning rust. If you want something a little more robust, you need to either invest in a specially designed ruggedised drive, or an SSD. And you’ll pay extra for both over what WD sells.

The drive isn’t “designed to keep your personals safe”, it’s designed to store them in a portable and compact piece of hardware. Keeping things safe is all about having back-up copies and treating your storage media properly. But even with proper use, hardware failures can occur on any and every drive eventually no matter how expensive they are, so it’s always wise to take what precautions you can.

If more people took such care of their valuable data, then there wouldn’t be so many desperate requests here when things do go wrong, and they only realise in hindsight that if things are so irreplacable and valuable then the precautions are needed.