Files just randomly disappear from WD my passport Ultra

Hi there,
i noticed this week that files that I am looking for seemed to just have vanished off my WD my passport Ulta drive (I have the 3Tb one).
so I start to google and found a thread on here from 2012 where a whole lot of people have the same issue! seriously who makes a storage device that just randomly loses the items being stored??
Shame on you western digital! It was not a cheap drive either! and I specifically chose western digital because you are renowned for good quality reliable products.
I run my own business from home, and now how am i going to get my work back??
There is obviously an issue with your drives. This needs to be rectified and made right!
I paid good money for a product that does not even fulfil its basic function! to keep my files stored on it. Anyone else having these issues recently? I mean more recently than the 2012 thread?

Now that you mention it, that has recently happened to me. I have the My Passport Ultra 2TB. I purchased 2 of them last year: one was to hold my files that I work on and the other was backup. A few days ago I noticed that I was missing a file that I worked on recently (this is my home embroidery business). Yesterday, I could no longer get into My Passport at all. I went to the WD utilities and ran all of the test and it said the Passport was fine but still I cannot get into it and it tells me that it is corrupted. I didn’t think it would be that big of a problem because I have the other one as backup. I can get into the other one just fine, only to find nothing has been backed up, even though I set it to backup once a month and I get notifications each month that it has backed up. I went to my PC’s control panel and it says the Passport is doing fine. I exchanged the two cables, in case that was a problem, with the same results. Now I’m hoping to somehow get the files (including my company bookkeeping for a year+) back.

I feel your pain. I’ve had an entire partition vanish recently, on top of miscellaneous files here & there. Even recovery software can’t find it. When you shell out the money for these devices, under the assumption that your files will be protected [within reason] it’s pretty frustrating when the device itself is the threat to the data.

Caveat Emptor! . . . Can You Spell F-R-U-A-D-U-L-E-N-T Misrepresentation?

I’d been working with a recently purchased 1tb external hard drive quite successfully for a number of weeks until folders of irreplaceable content simply vanished from the device. Having worked with digital media for more than 15 years now, and in completing an online/phone session with Western Digital representatives, I’m incredulous that WD appears to be producing and marketing devices with critical operating defects!?!

Tragically for me, a fairly routine internet search suggests Western Digital has a rather illustrious history with this issue, and . . . apparently excuses their corporate complicity by maintaining, ‘all’s fair in love, war, and business’. Where’s the humanity?!? Honestly, where’s the humanity?!?

Not cool . . .

Yup. My data is still disappearing daily. WD tried to contact me telephonically once, I missed the call. Then resorted to email communication but not to resolve the problem- only to try and schedule more phone calls, they asked me for available time slots where they could call me, when I have them a few I was told it’s not within their time zone!! If your product is losing irreplaceable data that my livelihood depends on, I’m sorry but you flipping stay up late then and call me!! Pathetic service. Will NEVER support WD again!

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Hi @DeeLee - I just wanted to let you know (if you don’t already), I’d reintroduced your posting of this thread to the WD Community at:

I’d be very interested in knowing to what extent, if any, you’ve been able to address or resolve this issue involving ‘disappearing files’ . . . ?!?



I got the same issue, I downloaded a couple of stuff earlier and it was there, but when I unplugged it earlier and plugged it again on my laptop the whole folder of the files I downloaded suddenly disappeared. Please help how to fix this issue.