Need to recover a DX4000, setup not recognizing 16GB or 20 GB flash drive

well here we go again with more sentinel fun for the new year.

i lost rdp access and need to do a factory reset without losing data.

have a 2-3 year old sandisk 16 gb usb drive, and the ISO won’t recognize it.

i then take a newer 20 GB sandisk usb drive, and it is recognized by the ISO setup file - but after 45 minutes, it will not finish creating the bootable USB drive.

now what?

Have you used that ISO before as in you know it is a good download?
Try more thumbs

so it turns out one of the sandisk thumb drives is a 32GB, but it is a USB 3.0

the other is a SanDisk 16GB, but I can’t tell if it’s USB 2.0 or 3.0…

downloaded md5 checker and running it on the PanAm ISO I downloaded a few days ago.

i downloaded it 2 days ago, this is the first attempt at doing anything with a recovery on this…just starting the process

the 32GB san disk flash has been “stuck” on this screen for 45+ minutes…on 2 attempts i might add:

here is the result of checking the ISO, looks good to me, why is this not working???

Yes, the download looks good. That only leaves the thumb drive. I know the rules says not to use usb 3.0 but I have. I only have one usb3.0 drive and I bought it years ago to load win 8 togo on it

well, there is some progress to report here, but unfortunately they are closing the building in a few moments until Monday, heh.

anyhow, i looked at the drive in windows explorer, and noticed it wrote a 3+ GB file at 3:44 to the USB, so perhaps it’s working but just taking a long time. anyhow, i’m going to try this again on monday.

thanks for the replies @gramps, more on Monday!

so back to work here on Sentinel Recovery prep.

It took about an hour and 20 minutes to make the USB recovery drive, but it finally finished.

I think it took so long because of the wonkiness of this particular 32 GB SanDisk “micro” flash drive;

Bought it last year at Costco, but have noticed it gets extremely hot fast, and writing files to it in general is a very very slow endeavor; but it’s all I’ve got at the moment so I’m going to stick it out.

Here is the SanDisk USB in question for reference:


Have no idea if it will work with the Sentinel, but am going to try to start this recovery process after lunch and will report back later.