Need power cord for OLD WD external storage drive

I recently moved and lost my power cord for my WD external storage box. The model number is:  WD8001032-001 and the serial number is:  [Deleted].  Can a moderator here tell me or post a link to the power cord that I need for this box (I know it’s old, and no longer listed on this site)…

Many thanks in advance,

Syd Crain

…don’t be afraid to check ebay!

Here are some I don’t know if it will help or not


I was hoping to hear from someone who works for WD who might know something about the WD external drives from 2005 since my model number isn’t near any recent drive numbers, but, alas, I’ll roll the dice on E-Bay.

Have a great week,

     Syd C.

WD generally doesn’t reply to message here. If you want their input you must contact them directly and you’ll probably end up working around the canned responses so typical of today’s consumer-level “technical support”.

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The correct one for your model is the one on the link below.

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Thank You!

Syd C.

Excellent! When you get the new adapter, be sure they have shipped you the correct one. Check the Volts and Amps/Current ratings. If the output is different from your original, the post here and let us know.

I ordered an adapter one time, for something, I don’t think it was a WD disk, and it was the wrong rating. The thing exploded immediately! Quite amusing, really, because I was blown back and knocked over an open beanbag which was in the process of being sewn up.