Help - Need Power Source Options for WD External Hard Drive

I lost the power cord to my Western Digital External Hard Drive.  It is an older model so it has been discontinued.  Does anyone have any compatible options for a power cord.  The hard drive is MDL: WD1600B011-RRN; S/N:  Order #: WDXB1600JBRNN.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can Google your drive model to see if you can find an adapter, or try Amazon. Most of the earlier drives use the same power cord, so you may be able to find one fairly easily through a Google or Amazon search. If not, try Radio Shack and their universal adapters. All you need to do is find the adapter with the right voltage, and then find the right tip. The only issue you’d have is figuring out the proper polarity, but if you connect the tip to the adapter wrong the drive won’t power-up, so all you’d have to do is reverse the tip on the adapter and you’d be good to go

Maybe this will help you find the specs you need for your drive