WD External Hard Drive - no cords

I have a WD external HD that I have managed to lose the cords for.  Unfortunately I don’t even know any of the specs for it, including the name or size.  It was purchased in 2008 +/- 1 year.  Can someone please direct me to how I can purchase some cords for it?  Or am I better off just walking in to a Best Buy and asking for their help?  Also, we only have Macs now but at the time had had a PC, will this be an issue?  Sorry, I’m pretty tech illiterate.  

IFor what its worth,  did some googling and it looks a lot like the picture of the:

Wester Digital My Book Essential Edition 1TB USB 2.0 External HD 317gf5nz-lL.SX425.jpg


Sorry, this might be helpful - it is WD10000H1U.  

The Power Supply is 12 Volts 1.5 Amps 18 Watts


*but it looks like WD are “Out of Stock”

and the USB cable is a standard USB 2.0 Cable    (Note: this is Not a “Micro USB” cable)

haha you know i have the same problem and the same one you have ,
i am probly going to do the same take it with me to a store like best buys good luck