Need help to access my drive (urgent)

Hello guys this is my first post here, i couldn’t find anyone with a similar problem so i decided to open a new thread.
Here’s the story: I used to own two WD drives one MyBook 1TB and one Elements desktop 2TB. I say I used to own because they both broke on different ways, mybook broke the enclosure on the USB port so i couldn’t connect it anymore and my elements broke the drive itself due to being dropped…
So since i didn’t have any warranty left on any of them i decided to use the Mybook 1TB drive in the Elements enclosure to save the data on the drive itself.
The problem is: when i connect the drive on the computer i have to install the WDSmartware program to even access the drive and since that software was from a Mybook drive and the disk is in a different enclosure when i install the software it doesn’t show any disk… any thoughts?
thanks in advance
(i apologize for my English since its not my main language)


I dont believe this will work.
If you want to recover the data from your drive I recommend you contact a data recovery software or maybe try using a data recovery software.

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thank you for your fast reply :slight_smile: the problem is i know that my drive is working because i tested it in a friends enclosure but since his is not from WD there isn’t any software needed for it to work so i could see my data all there… My question is will i need to buy a different enclosure like the one he has to be able to use this drive as an external or is any way to bypass the WDSmartware software?