MyPassport botleneck and USB3/Thunderbolt speed

So I have been waiting for new faster port replacing USB 2.0. And I’m glad MyPassport is now USB 3 compatible but I realized that it didn’t really matter.

Indeed, even if new connection standard are faster, the hard drive might not be:

USB 2.0 = 48 MB/s

3.5" 7200RPM = 140 MB/s (maximum)

SATA 3Gbps (eSATA) = 300 MB/s

USB 3.0 (bi-directional )= 500 MB/s

SATA 6Gbps (eSATA) = 600 MB/s

Thunderbolt = 10,000 MB/s

So I’d like to know: what is the transfert rate of the 2.5" MyPassport drives ? 

dude you already know the specs

since they have different interface that will variate

you can make your choice here

at the moment there is not a passport with thunderbolt so on Mac we are stuck with Firewire at least for now :wink: