Ridiculous MyPassport Upgrade

So we have been waiting for a long time for 2TB capacity MyPassport drives. A few weeks back they came out.

But, we are in 2012, when one buys a high capacity drive it is generally for 2 or 3 years duration…

…And the upgraded 2TB MyPassport still comes with USB 2.0 and Firewires for a way higher price than regular MyPassport, not TB or even USB 3.0???

Western Digital must really think Mac customer are stupid…

Considering there’s no Mac on the market that supports USB3.0, and unknown whether new ones even will, and Thunderbolt is a proprietary interface that carries a licensing charge with it that would increase the cost of the drive, just what is it you want here?

Maybe some cheese with your whine?

Being french, getting wine and cheese is not hard.

Being a hard drive manufacturer that already implemented USB 3 on other MyPassport, upgrading it for Mac should have been easy so it’s at least USB 3 ready.

This is commercially unrespectfully of the customer: someone who buys a MyPassport for Mac (and I don’t see why they would know), it means that when the new Macs are released, his MyPassport will be obsolete and slow just a few month after buying it… 


With all due respect just don’t buy it. There are different brands besides WD, but complaining here won’t do anything for you because this is a user to user forum. However, you can go to the Ideas section and post it.