MyCloudMirrorGen2 Disk fail

Hello folks,
I purchased a WD MyCloudMirror Gen2 and 2 WD Red 4TB about a year ago, and around 3 weeks ago, the drive in Bay 1 failed. ■■■■, but that’s why I used RAID 1, to not loose any files.
I did as instructed, hibernated the NAS, removed the drive, did the whole RMA dance with WD, now I received the replacement disk, installed it, turned on the device — and voila, the disk in bay 2 failed, and all my files are apparently lost. I am very very very dissapointed by this, and I was wondering if there might be a chance to restore my files? Is it really possible that both drives failed completely, one without use, not physically moved?
If yes, what the hell is the whole NAS - RAID nonsense for?

Please help, and WD - your products are garbage!

It is pretty rare to have 2 different disk fail this close together. NAS products with RAID configurations provide redundancy however redundancy is not a backup. Having redundancy in a single device would not protect you against things like power surges, theft, etc. It is always important to have all important data backed up to at least 2 locations i.e. a NAS and a computer or a NAS and an external drive etc.

If the second HDD failed before you were able to rebuild the RAID the only way to recover the data would likely be sending it to a company that data recovery services.

Hi drlucky,

actually, a RAID1, to my understanding is exactly a backup of the same data on 2 different physical (disc) locations. Yes, the 2 HDD’s sit in the same housing, but besides physical damage or theft, the files should be save? So can you give any insight on how it is possible that 2 NAS rated WD RED can fail, so close togehter, one without being even in use? This is very upsetting and kind of completely defeats the purpose of the drive at all.

Anybody from WD up for a statement at least?