MyCloud not working on data network

My WD MyCloud is working well on my Android cell phone, but only while on WiFi. It has stopped working on my data plan. It used to work fine. WD says it’s my ISP, but all other apps are working and my ISP says it’s a problem with WD. I have uninstalled and re-installed the app. Still won’t work while on the data network. Any ideas?

There are a number of other recent discussion in this subforum dealing with the fact that the My Cloud app for mobile devices (Android and iOS) is not functioning properly. And in most of those discussions the issue of the expired SSL certificate is also mentioned, generally when attempting to use the web portal. There is no fix yet from WD.

Other recent discussions from the My Cloud subforum…

Thanks for the info. I contacted WD and the tech said they’re aware of the issue and are working on fixing it.

Not wanting to jinx it… the app is working for me again :). Try it.

Yes it’s working for me now too. Hooray! Thanks for letting me know.

Dopo l’ultimo aggiornamento mi ha fatto la stessa cosa. Funzionava in wi-fi ma non più con il piano dati del cel…
Ho provato in tutti i modi a recuperare, ma nulla.
Ho risolto andando in "Impostazioni-Utilità-Ripristino ai valori predefiniti- SOLO SISTEMA (che è la voce di default). Con il cell Android invece son andato in “gestione app” ho selezionato “My Cloud OS 3”- Spazio d’archiviazione- Elimina dati.
Praticamente ho poi rifatto tutte le procedure (che sono velocissime) e tutto funziona bene.
In pochi minuti ho risolto.
Spero di esserti stato di aiuto.

Hi to everyone!!”
Has anyone solve the issue, I’m still getting the error.

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance

More information is needed for others to attempt to assist.

What is the exact issue?
Is there a specific error message?
What My Cloud model//unit do you have?
If the problem is with mobile device access what is the mobile device operating system (Android, iOS, other)?
What mobile app or program are you using to access the My Cloud?
How is the mobile device connecting to the My Cloud? Local network Wifi or cellular data?
If attempting to use remote access has one ensured remote access/cloud access is enabled in the My Cloud Dashboard (not and that the connection status in the My Cloud Dashboard indicates a connection?
What other troubleshooting steps has one tried?
If using Windows 10 and cannot access the local network My Cloud by name, make sure SMB1.0 is enabled. Microsoft disables this option. (

I am not sure if its applicable for all these issues mentioned here by users. My NAS drive recently got an upgrade and ever since that happened, I was able to access my drive over the network only on Windows systems and not on any Android boxes. I believe I have a fix for this. It’s all do to with network services protocol.
Go to Settings, Network, Network profile. under Windows profile. select SMB protocol as SMB1, SMB2 after the update it was by default selected as SMB3 only. Once the system saves the settings, with your created admin users you should be able to map the drives on android phones and other systems as well.

9 months and no fix? appalling…