MYCLOUD Home Not Appearing In Network Map Windows 10

I back up my network computers to MyCloud Home using Windows 10. This is working. The problem is that I do not see the MyCloud device on the network map. I have another Windows 10 computer right next to this one, and the MyCloud device shows on the network map. If I try to map the drive, Windows say it cannot find it. Odd, even though it is writing to it using the backup system. This is an intermittent problem; sometimes I see the MyCloud drive on the map and sometimes I don’t.

What you must do is open Windows File Explorer, click on network on the file tree, then click on the dialog box at the top. Type in the name of your device which is going to be “MYCLOUD-” + the last six characters of the device serial number. It should then appear in the folder tree. I don’t know why it intermittently disappears.