MyBookLiveDuo - extremely slow response, Mac error code -50 when I try to add data

I have a MyBookLiveDup connected to my router via USB as a network drive.  I mostly access it from an iMac.

This unit has been a complete waste of my money over the last couple opf years I have had it.  It has never worked satisfactorily and no support calls have produced any results.

Accessing it over an ethernet network is extremely slow, and navigation tends to eject the unit entirely.  If I try to copy data to it, anything more than the smallest transfer will give Mac error -50 whatever that is and fail.  Often folders will be copied, even file names but the files themselves will be empty.  SOmetims some folders will transfer and some won’t.

I have just reinstalled WD Smartware but it is no better.

Unless someone can tell me what the problem is here I will have to advise everyone never to buy this product.  It is awful.

What is the model and brand of your router? How is your NAS mapped (SMB, AFP, CIFS)? What version of Mac OS do you currently use? Have you run a diagnostic test within the My Book Live Duo’s dashboard?

Hi, I got the same -50 error code and after a lot of time lost to find a solution I saw that it was a problem with the hidden directory and files: try to remove the hidden ds_store files and the hidden appledouble directory in the directory that you want to copy on the NAS…that worked for me…

directory = folder