Mybooklive keeps restarting

Over the last few days, my Mybooklive 2TB unit has continually restarted itself, anywhere from 2 mins to 50 mins between restarts. The data on the drive is accessible and appears to be OK, the unit passed a short self test.

After restarting I notice that the admin password is being removed and the device is no longer secure, I’ve reset it many times but it just disappears again.

Any ideas?


It’s possible you’re having power issues, is the power adapter connected directly to the wall outlet?


Thanks for the response, that did occur to me, so I did try plugging directly into the wall socket but the problem continued.

I’ve contacted WD support but no answer as yet to my email, hopefully, I can send them the system reports generated by the Mybooklive unit and they can diagnose the problem from them. If not I suppose I can pull the unit apart take out the HD and hopefully install it directly into my PC so at least I have access to the data.

I have a My Book Live 3TB drive and just started to experience the same problem. I wondered if the drive was getting too warm, so I made sure air could circulate around it and made sure dust wasn’t blocking vents. Still does it. Since this is the drive my SONOS uses, it’s starting to become a serious issue. Don’t want the expense right now but may need to purchase secord drive to back up first in case the indicates eventually drive failure. Short test passed as well and so far I appear to have access to all the data.
log files on today.

I had a response from the WD support team, they suspect the power adapter is faulty on my unit. Need to find another to test, which is going to be tricky.

Finally fixed this problem, it appears it was the router causing all of these issues, replaced the router and the Mybooklive unit is back to working normally.

Could you please elaborate why the router is causing this problem? I am quite confused…