MyBook Username and Password

Hello all,

I just converted my 1 TB “MyBook” from FAT32 to NTFS to allow for more than 4GB file transfers.  I use it for a network drive on my home network.

Now when hooked up to my network and I try to access through any of my computers or map it, it ask for a username and password.

Any idea of what the default password is or how I can change it.

Any and all help is greatly apprciated it!

What OSs are you using? Vista and Windows 7 can be picky on sharing and networks. Did you install the Smartware? How is this drive connected through the netwwork?


Try admin for user name and password

If the drive is connected to your network through a computer then in order to access it you will need to enter the username/password for the user account from the machine where the drive is connected to.

If that doe snot work then give us a little more info of your configuration.