MyBook Duo three red lights

Hi guys, my MyBook Duo 8TB (4TB x2) external HDD suddenly stop working and showing both 3 red lights. I tried unplug & plug in cable, reboot, and also pull out & insert back the HDD but still doesn’t works… It was expired warranty, may I know what should I do?

Btw, I heard that the HDD inside MyBook Duo will automatically “lock” and unable to read / move out my files through other external casing… Is it real? If like that how can I copy all my important data inside?

Its very urgent to me. Hope to receive your feedback ASAP. Thanks!

1st thing to check, power off the device and remove the hard drives. Remember with hdd go in which slot. Power on the device and check your computer Device manager for Windows, Mac go to System info - USB to see if you computer detect the device.

If your computer can see the device then power off the device and insert one hard drive back to it original slot. Power on the device and see if your computer still see it. You can use WD Utilities to check the device status. If it see the device and the hard drive. Then power off the device and insert the last hard drive.

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Hi Jebusx, thanks for your reply!
I following your direction to removed both 2 HDD and connect to computer, but unfortunately my MBP still unable to detect it in SYSTEM REPORT > USB…

Was called WD technical people in my country, was told the only thing I can do is “find another MyBook Duo RAID enclosure to insert my HDD”. But since my MyBook was 5 years old version, when I double check if newer version (with later chips, maybe) works, the answer is “You may try but we cannot confirm”…

Now I have no idea what can I do to save my data…Really pissed off to the WD so called “Hardware Encryption”.

Maybe you can send me a picture or link what your model look like. I might able to help you out.

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Thanks bro!
My model is WDBLWE0080JCH. My Book Duo 8TB, Metallic Gray version.1441

Btw I found someone selling just enclosure on eBay, but the model is WDBLWE0160JCH-00. Any idea if it works to acmes my HDD?

if the picture in the front and rear look the same then it should be fine. I believed 0160JCH is just the hard drive size in the enclosure. Like yours has 8TB so the one on ebay probably 16TB total. The PCB inside the enclosure should take any hard drive size from 2TB to 8TB.

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Just received feedback from WD support team:

We have just confirmed with developing team. They confirmed that the new model WDBFBEJBK will also able to read the drives replaced from older model WDBLWEJCH.

However, we have not identify the drive condition for now. If the drives into new enclosure still cannot be accessed, more likely the drives are also having problems.

In the worst case, if the drives still unable to access, data recovery will be the very last option.

Seems like all I can do is purchase an enclosure and try my luck now…

I still have to say, the Hardware Encryption by WD is really, really a bad marketing decision.