MyBook Duo three red lights

I’m not sure how to work this online community post but I’m hoping jebusx or jctang or patrickchai will get this message. My model number is WDBLWE0120JCH. See note below for the problem. Thank you.

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jctang or jebusx or patrickchai, are you still available? I just had this happen to my WD MyBook Duo, two solid red lights and a red blinking power light. I don’t see it on my Windows drive list. I am desparate for help. I’m a senior and not too techical but the files are so important to me. In the Windows list, it shows the folders but I’m not able to copy them to a separate backup drive. Thank you!

Thank you jebusx, I’m going to power down and take out the hard drives. (I didn’t even know there were hard drives inside it!) So I guess I just pull on them? And mark which is left and which is right. There is a lot of dust in there, do I need to be concerned about that? Then with no hard drives in it, I’ll power on and then see if my 97 Windows PC can see that I have that drive showing, right? Just like it shows the other drives C:, D: etc. So I’m looking at the Duo now and where is the power off button or do I just unplug it? So dense, sorry! Cindy

Below is my original post. Yes you can vacuum/clean the device. Just unplug is still fine.

1st thing to check, power off the device and remove the hard drives. Remember with hdd go in which slot. Power on the device and check your computer Device manager for Windows, Mac go to System info - USB to see if you computer detect the device.

If your computer can see the device then power off the device and insert one hard drive back to it original slot. Power on the device and see if your computer still see it. You can use WD Utilities to check the device status. If it see the device and the hard drive. Then power off the device and insert the last hard drive.

Dear jebusx, I am breathing just a little easier but still not sure about my data. I found someone who understands the computer stuff so much better than me. He is hopeful and using the WD Drive Utility, it looks like one drive has failed but expects to be able to get the other one working to recover my data. I’ll let you know what happens. I took the Duo unit to him and let him know you have been helpful to others in a bad situation like this. Cindy

I hope you got your device resolved.

Oh my gosh, you are so kind to reach out to me! So I ended up taking it to a computer shop since I am not tech oriented and they ran the WD utility and one drive was missing and one had failed BUT they were able to recover the missing one!!! It had everything on it including my dad’s memorial service so I was very concerned. It’s going to cost a lot for a new system, they recommended a Synology NAS and OneDrive to be sure I am safe in the future. It’s way outside my social security budget but I am glad to pay it to get my files back! If I learn anything new, I’ll let you know. Thanks again, Cindy

You don’t have to get a NAS if budget is a concern. You can buy a 2x 1 or 2 TB that should be enough to save those data of your memories. Those 1TB or 2TB external drive usually $40 to $60. I normally do a two copy back up. Like they say do an ABC backup. Which is up to three backup. NAS is good but they can be pricy. it is up to you with your budget. (The different between NAS and DAS) video

So the computer shop couldn’t get the files back and recommended that I take the MyBook Duo to a data recovery shop. I dropped it off today and I will try to remain hopeful…

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