My router disconnects when I start

my WD HD TV Live box.

It ran without any problems, when I had Windows Vista on my computer, but since I changed to Win7 (x64), something has gone wrong.

Well, first you might want to know that my X-box and iphone (iPhone is wireless) are doing just fine, but when I turn on the WD TV Live, my router kicks me of the network. Completely shuts down the network, so I haven’t got acces to the internet or anything else on the network, before I restart the computer.

Other than that, I can see that I’ve got another IP-adress, when I have restarted the computer…???

What is happening and have anyone else experienced the same problems?

Thanks in advance, from a (at the moment) frustrated WD user :slight_smile:

Only thing that would cuase this that could be the WD’s “fault” is if you’re using the same IP address on your WD as your Router is using.

Other than that, it would have to be a problem with the router.

Hey there :slight_smile:

I’m not using the same IP adress, as my router is…

It would be weird, if it’s a router problem, since it ran without errors, until the day I changed OS from Vista to Win7.

And since my X-box is playing fine on the same network (I’m using the exact same cable, as I havn’t got enough cables, so I just switch whenever I have to play X-box / us the WD), I really can’t understand…