WD TV Live Media Streamer keeps disconnecting from home network

Here is my problem…

The WD TV live keeps being disconnected from the network. I get the message “previous source has been disconnected”

If I re-set my router and remove power from the WD TV Live and start from scratch again I can sometimes get the connection back – but it’s a pain and I shouldn’t have to do it

It is only the WD TV Live that is experiencing any problem

Here’s my set up

  1. Router = BT Home Hub 3
  2. WD My Book Live Duo (4Tb). Never switched off – cable connection to router
  3. Windows 7 desk top pc. Used every day. Our main PC only every switched off went we go out of the house for work or go to bed - cable connection to router
  4. WD TV Live Media Streamer – Gen 3 2011 model - wireless connection to router
  5. Windows 8 touch screen laptop pc – wireless connection. Used periodically, but not every day and switched off when not in use
  6. Panasonic Freeview HDD recorder DMR-HWT230. Used periodically, but not every day and in stand-by mode when not in use
  7. HP Photosmart Printer with wired connection to item 3
  8. Various mobile phones and other lap tops when family or friends visit periodically….as usual

How they are used:

  • I keep films, music and family videos on the WD My Book Live. This is the storage hub of our entertainment set up
  • I keep some videos and pictures on the Windows 7 desk top PC. This is our family work horse PC, as it were, for the usual MS Office suite and internet browsing.
  • I record TV programmes on the Panasonic HDD (this is in a bedroom)
  • The Windows 8 laptop is the wife’s and used for her internet browsing and email, and occasionally accessing documents on the Windows 7 desk top pc and pictures on the WD My Book Live duo
  • Until about 4 months ago I could use the WD TV Live to play items from the WD My Book Live, the Panasonic HDD, and the Windows 7 PC and it was working great

Actions to overcome

I have followed the excellent Joey Smyth guidance on the Forums on how to roll back the WD TV Live firmware, complete a factory reset and ensure items 2-5 are in the same Windows Workgroup. I rolled back to Firmware 2.01.86 but have now returned to 2.02.32. None of the roll backs helped

I’ve also followed the guidance to ensure the windows PC’s and the WD My Book Live are all set to share files etc.

I’ve followed guidance to confirm the Windows 7 desktop PC appears to be the Master browser in the set up.

I am at a loss on what to do and fed up spending hours trawling for help. Hopefully I have supplied enough information for someone to help.:confounded:

I would appreciate any guidance on how to permanently overcome the problem.

Hi there, have you tried setting up an static IP on the device? I would also like to know if the same happened when you connect the unit through a wired connection.

Hi, thanks for the suggested next step.

I have tried both of the following since your post:

a) WD TV Live with a static IP address

b) Items 2 - 6 in my list with a static IP address

Problem still remains. Plus I can never see the Panasonic HDD from the WD TV live at all, even if I try the rebooting of my router. 

With the above 2 scenarios I also left the Windows 7 PC on overnight for 2 nights running - one morning the WD TV Live was still connected and I could see my Windows 7 PC and my WD My Book Live, the other morning I had lost all connections again.

My Router can see all items. I did clear out loads of redundant items from the Router IP address / connections list which were associated with visitors iphones and laptops before I tested scenarios a and b above. Thus I ensured that when static IP addresses were given they were clean and within my range.

It’s all so inconsistent.

Thanks for your help.

I used to have the same problems & what i did was assigned them to my network as a static ip instead of dhcp & since then i hav’nt had that problems again.

My only other problems is it’s a very big shame that WD Live Media Players does’nt have live streaming application that are popular like Amazon & netflix. I have lots of WD Devices & even have 4 WD Live TV but no one ever used them in my house again as the only entertainment that it gives is to watched the movies that are on my 8TB Cloud mirror drive & now everyone in the house have watched all the movies in them. I am looking now on getting 4 Amazon Five Device as it’s much better with lots of online movies programs & even WWE Network. Sorry to say but if WD Live TV does’nt start thinking of upgrading there systems with these live tv apps then no 1 will be getting them anymore. I do love WD Products but they need to come to the new age instead of all those rubbished that they have on the live streaming.

Wake up WD * maybe if u update ur system soon i would’nt need to get Amazon Fire TV, instead I would be getting more WD Live Tv  for my other rooms in the house & even my friend next door will get them.

elias1982 wrote:
Sorry to say but if WD Live TV does’nt start thinking of upgrading there systems with these live tv apps then no 1 will be getting them anymore.

Really? You get this from the latest polls you did or are you simply overgeneralizing? I, for one, don’t care about Amazon at all. And since wide use of h.265, 4K is still some time away, I see no need to upgrade just yet.