WDTV Live causing internet to disconnect, please help!


I tried searching for an answer, but I was unable to find the correct way to fix my issue, or find a thread that refers to my exact issue.

The WDTV Live I have hooked up to my router is wired via an ethernet cable.  My computer is also wired up to the router via an ethernet cable.  I do not have any wireless devices (besides my iphone) attached to the router at all.

It seems every other time I try to play movies from my PC, as soon as I click the title to view, my router disconnects my internet, so not only can I not view the network shared files, I also cannot get onto the internet with my computer as the entire router is disconnected. This is extremely frustrating!!!

The internet continues not to work until either I shut down the WDTV Live or disconnect the ethernet cable from the router to it.  Only then does my router re-connect to the internet.

Half the time when I re-plug the ethernet wire from the WDTV into the router, the internet connection immediately shuts down.

Does anyone have any ideas to get this to stop and to get my WDTV Live permanently attached to the router without any internet disconnects???  Thanks for the responses!!!

By chance, are any of your devices using the same IP address?