My passport wireless

I cannot access My Passport Wireless. Computer does not detect it when plugged in through USB connexion. Starts up OK but the blue WIFI led never comes on. I reset the drive manually many times but still the same problem: starts up with blue led on power like it should but the blue led for WIFI never comes on. obviously cannot access my files. Didn’t see anything in current threads to address this, other than suggest that I reset the drive which I have done repeatedly. HELP!

When connecting directly to a computer via USB as the Direct Attached mode (acting like a regular USB storage), Wi-Fi is off in this mode. Are you using the cable that came with the product? Have you tried it on a different port and another computer?
Are you unable to access the drive when it is in Wi-Fi mode? Can you access the unit’s web dashboard at

Contact the WD Support team directly if you need further assistance.

I’m aware that when using the drive as USB storage the WIFI function is disabled. Problem is it isn’t detected in this mode. I have tried on different computers as well. When not using it as USB drive, the blue POWER led light comes on as it should but the WIFI light does not come on. Not blue or orange or yellow or even red. since the WIFI function cannot be enabled, obviously i can’t access the dashboard.

I am using the original cable and charger but I have tried to use a different cable but with no luck. I doubt the problem is with the cable or the charger since the unit charges just fine.

Have you set up the MPW as per instructions using a tablet or a smartphone? I find using a larger iPad easier than using a phone or computer.

Also, as jchen said, when a MPW is plugged into computer USB, its wireless stays off. I always power down the MPW before plugging it in to PC. It will power up thru the USB and boot. Once booted, it will show up under Computer in the Windrows File Explorer.

If during set up you chose to connect MPW to the recommended internet connection (i.e. home wi-fi) you need to connect the mobile device (or computer) to home wi-fi (NOT the MPW internal wi-fi) because that is what the MPW is connected to…

You only connect to the MPW wi-fi signal when away from home where you are NOT connected to the home wi-fi. MPW will reconnect to home wi-fi once turned back on at home. This can confuse many new users who have not looked at the complete User Manual. If you do not have a copy of it, go download it from WD Support

Thanks for taking the time to reply Mike but I know all of this. I’ve had this thing for 2 years now and I hadn’t had too many issues with it. Problem is when it’s plugged in as USB, the power LED is white (not blue) and is not detected. When not in USB mode, the WIFI LED never comes on, so I can’t get to the dashboard with tablet. Terribly frustrating as I have in incredible amount of important files on the drive. I just can’t seem to be able to access it no matter what I try.

If it used to work and now it doesn’t maybe a reset to defaults is necessary; directions are in the manual. That often helps fix problems and will not destroy your data. Try troubleshooting tips in the manual, and if all else fails contact WD Support.