My Passport Wireless, Wifi light blue but no network

I have an out-of-warranty MPW. The wifi light is blue but the network does not show up on my iPhone, iPad, Nexus 7, or laptop. I’ve tried:

  • Updating the firmware to the latest
  • Multiple resets (both buttons held down)
  • Power up / power down multiple times

The drive shows up as USB on my computer fine. Quick View only shows the option to eject the drive.

WD support was the one to suggest multiple restores. They now say defective.

Before I pitch this in the trash - any other suggestions to try?


you can try to login using ssh

rzrfreer - Thank you for replying.

I’ve searched the forum and it appears that connecting via ssh first requires a connection to the MPW wifi hotspot. But - I cannot connect to the hotspot; it’s seems wifi isn’t working on the drive even after multiple factory resets.

Is there a way to ssh in without connecting to wifi on the device?

Thanks, Mike

it’s always possible :slight_smile:

the best would be to boot from sdcard , but I am not sure how to do it.