My Passport Wireless Pro - SD Card backup performance

Just sharing some data from adhoc performance tests of the SD Card one touch backup feature of the My Passport Wireless Pro (MPWP).

Notes: The sole reason I purchased this drive was to store 500+GB jpg/raw/video shot while traveling light with only my cameras and mobile phone for electronics.

I’d like to see the results from a MPW SSD to compare. I expect similar numbers as the raw HDD xfer rate is not the limiting factor in the MPWP. I.e. PC to MPWP (HDD) write performance is typically ~100+MB/s with a reasonably empty drive.)

If you have the older MPW (non-Pro or non-SSD), you will not see anywhere close to these numbers.

Below is C/P from another thread…

Summary: SDCard to MPWP backup is significantly faster if the MPWP is formated exFat instead of NTFS. But keep in mind that NTFS is considered a more resilient file system. (journaling)

SDCard (exFat) to MPWP 4TB HDD (NTFS) >> ~30.2 to 30.9 MB/s. (2 data sets, 3 passes each.)
SDCard (exFat) to MPWP 4TB HDD (exFat) >> ~42.3~ to 45.6 MB/s. (2 data sets, 3 passes each.)

Test conditions:
My Passport Wireless Pro 4.0TB. v1.04.17 firmware released 1/8/2018 (latest/last :frowning: ).

Reformatted MPWP file system to NTFS or exFat between each transfer test via Win10 build 1803.

WPWP “reboot” via webinterface > Hardware > Reboot after each reformat.

Test Data:
28.5GB mix of 410 files. (jpgs + raw, movs) copied from 128Gb SanDisk UHS-II. (UHS-I mode.)
27.1GB mix of 400 files. (jpgs + raw, movs) copied from 256Gb SanDisk UHS-I.

Both cards formatted exFat in camera (Sony) as that’s what my camera(s) support.

MPWP 4TB formatted NTFS (4096 sector size. Confirmed 4k sector aligned. Formatted once with larger sector size after seeing the exFat results, but decided not to proceed with the test as the web portal did not properly calculate the drive size. ~700mb vs 4.0 TB…)

MPWP 4TB formatted exFat (1024KB sector size Yes, KB… that was the default in Win10.)

File copies started by pressing the file copy button. (Auto copy on insert disabled.)