Still slooow SD copy speed on My Passport Wireless Firmware Version 1.04.06

Thank’s for the new firmware addressing lots of issues. But one issue is still in place, unfortunately. And that’s the main issue for me:

The copy process of an inserted SD-card is still way too slow.

In my tests I found copy speed from 1.4 MB/sec. to maybe 10 MB/sec. at best. That’s poor speed. Especially for backup on the road. Is there any way to improve copy speed?

I’ve tested with  My Passport Wireless 2 TB Version,  Firmware Version 1.04.06,

• drive pluged in to power outlet,

• processing setting to »high speed«.

• SD-Card used is a »SanDisk Extreme Pro 32 GB«, rated 95 MB/sec. UHS class 3



I have exactly the same setup and SD card as you, and I see 10MB/s pretty consistently. Maybe a little more. 12MB/s for short periods.

I haven’t used the SD card copy on firmware 1.04.06 yet though. I have always used firmware 1.03.13 up until now.

Some time back someone who pulled their MPW apart concluded that the SD card reader is actually a USB 2 device, and is connected to the MPW main board using a USB 2 chip. If that is correct, and it seems likely, then I don’t expect any significant speed increases above that.

USB 2 should support 60MB/s, but in the real world it usually only supports a sustained speed of 20MB/s. Also, the MPW does some sort of validation of the copy, as we would want it to, which means it doesn’t do a straight copy, but Reads-Writes-ReadsBack-Verifies. So a maximum speed of 10MB/s makes sense.

What doesn’t makes sense is creating a wireless plus USB3.0 hard drive for on the road backups, and using a USB 2 card reader and associated chip. It is a bit of a fail on WD’s part.

Did not know this, Rod, about USB2 card reader inside.  Agree, kind of a shabby way to do it.  Fortunately for me, I haven’t much use for the built in card reader, although it is pretty handy for upgrading firmware, and that is my preferred way to install it.