My passport wireless pro copying files from SD partially or not at all, completely unreliable

After a long trip, during which I backed up my SD cards to the Passporte very night, I find that there are multiple issues, some of which very tricky to find out:

  • Missing files
  • Files of Zero KB size
  • Corrupted files of different sizes from the original, from a very small to a very large percentage, yet incomplete (this is the worst problem to spot, as I needed to check the file size of hundreds of files one by one to spot it).

Due to previous problems in the first experiments with the unit (see other post), I had it connected to the charger at all times during backups, and the original files are ok, since I could recover them from the SD cards an open them.

Unless a solution is found fast, I’ll send it back to Amazon, and advise anybody against buying it, since no error or other signal of problems was provided, and if I had not checked I would have lost hundreds of pictures. I have some screen captures but how to upload them?


Just to complete the story…

I got no reply from WD support, erased and tried to back up again the same cards, again one directory had all files but many were zero kb.

All in all, a crappy experience for a promising, supposedly professional and costly product, sent back the last day of the return window. Never again