Lost and corrupted images

Has anyone had any similar issues ???

I purchased a WD My Passport Wireless SSD to take on a month’s holiday to Alaska for downloading on a daily basis the pictures I was taking. I was using a Nikon D3s with Compact Flash cards and a Nikon D850 with XQD cards and in each case I used their respective card reader to download the pictures connected via the USB port. The files were RAW file which ranges from a 10mb file on the D3s to 50mb on the D850

After downloading I formatted each card using the respective camera ready for the following day’s picture taking.

The WD passport was set up as recommended but with the box asking if it was to download files with the same reference (number) ticked to say no.

Each day I downloaded the pictures and copied and pasted the files downloaded into a specific file I had previously set up for each camera and all seemed to be fine

When I got home and tried to download all the images (something approaching 6000) I found when looking at what should have been the consecutive numbering of the files that there were some gaps suggesting some files were missing or not downloaded. In addition some of those that were there we corrupted. This was in a number of different forms, maybe a coloured band across half of the picture or maybe just a small strip across the bottom of a picture. Some also looked fine in thumbnail form on the simple reader on my computer but as soon as you put them into Lightroom the whole picture was covered with multi coloured streaks rendering the image unusable.

I have tried all sorts to recover the images intact and whilst I do have a large percentage of good images that work I calculate I have lost about 1500 to 2000 images. WD are sympathetic but only suggested I go to a data recovery specialist to see what they can do, at my cost.

I am now awaiting the result of that which has cost me £550.

The reason for this post is to try and establish what went wrong. WD has said they will replace the drive but I am not sure I would have the confidence to use it.

Have I done anything wrong in the way I have been using the drive??? Has anyone else had a similar issue???

Can anyone help ???

I just bought a Pro,

my wild guess is USB link,
and there are also some weak point on this device in my experience,

as I tried some microSD card with card adapter for import,
due to some contact issue around the adapter, it doesn’t fully import,

MPW won’t notify any accidentally disconnection by LED in my test,
that failure message only on display on Web UI,

there could be more hidden issue some where, I don’t fully trust this device,
but there is hardly any other choice in this price range.

I just bought a a WD My Passport Wireless SSD 1 TB. Using Canon 5d Mark IV, Sandisk 32GB SD Card, Sandisk 12GB CF Card and a Sandisk ImageMate Pro Reader.
SD card & CF Card ( via Canon 5d Mark IV) - my PC: images all fine.
SD card - WD My Passport Wireless SSD - my PC: images all fine.
SD card - my PC: images all fine.
CF Card (via Sandisk ImageMate Pro Reader) - WD My Passport Wireless SSD - my PC about 5% images corrupted;
CF Card (via Sandisk ImageMate Pro Reader) - my PC: images all fine.
Issues reported to WD by email. Still waiting for their reply.

Interesting submission, I also used a Scandisc image mate Pro for my compact flash cards but I also used a Sony card reader for downloading images from the new XQD cards used by Nikon and a number of those were corrupted or missing.
Maybe the comment made on the earlier submission is correct that it may well be an issue with the USB connection