My Passport Ultra - No Drive letter

My Passport Ultra seems to be recognized because I can see it is connected to the computer, but no letter gets assigned. I can hear it spins up then stops but nothing happens. The led is always on.
If I go to the Disk Manager It says the Disk 1 is not initialized. But It does not allow me to do it either.
The dis kis of my sister and she told me that was working fine for the last 6 months but then It just stops working.

How can I try to recover the info? I’m trying to avoid opening the case. But for sure I can do it as a last resource.

I executed the Data Life Guard Diagnostics and this is the result. (Notice the size of the disk 0 GB)


Have you tried using a data recovery software to get the files out of the drive? If not, check online to see if you can get one for free to test that.