My Passport Ultra affecting my macbook air wifi connection?!

Hi. I’ve been using My Passport Ultra(1tb) for about a month now, and I happen to find a wierd thing going on with this and my mac.

I was having wield errors connecting to my home network for several days, so I’ve been trying numerous solutions google suggested, But nothing seemed to work, until I accidentally disconnected my external drive and find out the wifi started working again. I thought it was a wierd coincidence. But when I went to a site to download music and connected this drive again, the wifi stopped working immediately. When I unplugged it to see if the network works withouth the dirve, it did. Very well in fact. So according to my shallow knoledge to computer, external dirves shouldn’t affect computer’s network connection, right? I haven’t heard of it;. Ever. But since I find it convincing that My Passport is what’s affecting my wifi connection, I’d really like to know why this is happening and how can i fix this. I mean…I bought this thing to use as a second hard-drive due to the small storage of macbook…

I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

This is really strange, hat i can suggest in this case is to try to verify that your Operating system has the latest updates. A USB drive should not have this types of problems with the connection.

I am having the same problem with my Dell laptop running Windows 10. Without fail as soon as I connect my WD My Passport Ultra my wifi connection drops. The wifi connection cannot be restored until the drive is disconnected.


I am also facing same issue with my latest mac and my passport ultra. Please guide me to solve this issue.