My Passport Ultra 3TB - Too many bad sectors detected


I bought My Passport Ultra 3TB from Amazon, in order to take backup from my old HD, I copied some folders to the new MP 3TB HD, later I came back to copy some more folders, then I noticed that some of my old folders disappeared. I got scared I didn’t proceed further I called WD Customer service, they ask me to do a WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Extended test. I did that test, the test failed and I got the Too many bad sectors detected. I called the WD customer support again and reported the test results, the shipped a new hard drive to me immediately.

As soon I received the WD MP 3tb HD, out of the box I ran the WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Extended test on Win 7 again, the the test failed and I got the Too many bad sectors detected. I repeated the same test on a different machine with the OS Win 7 I got the same results too. I reported the same problem again to the WD Customer support. I sent them a detailed report with the screenshots of my results. They agreed to send the third HD once they receive the previous HD. Will keep you posted once I receive the third HD.

I have been using these WD HD’s since past 8 years never had any issues. I am surprised to see the issues with My Passport Ultra.


Hello there, welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with the My Passport ultra 3 TB, have you tried writing Zeros before/after running the tests?

Thank you for your response,

No, I haven’t tried writing zeros before/after running the tests, WD Customer service rep didn’t suggest anything like this. How to write zeros before/after running the tests.