My Passport for Mac has crashed...need to reformat

Hello WD community…I have a 2TB My Passport for Mac portable external hard drive that has suddenly stopped working … ie, I can no longer read and write, I can only read. I’m not sure why this happened - could it be because I have been unplugging it from my MacBook without ejecting it first?
Anyway, I’ve gathered from the web that I will need to re-format the drive but I don’t know how to do that. Is there anyone here who can help me with a very easy to follow, step by step tutorial please? I am not a tech whiz so the easier the better.
I really appreciate the help. Thank you! :relaxed: :relaxed:

Do you have important files inside? Please make sure to backup first before formatting!

I don’t use MAC but I hope this link helps you:

Thank you very much! Yes I have backed my files up.

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