My passport doesn't automatically back up

About a month ago, I bought a Toshiba External Hard Drive.  Because of the noise in my speakers and headphones, I took it back and exchanged it for a WD.  My thinking was that since WD sells only memory devices, I thought that you would be very good at what you do.

I have only been disappointed since I bought the Passport Ultra.

1)  There is no function which allows me to manually back up files and my passport doesn’t back up new or updated files when I plug it in, which I read was one of it 's functions.

2)  I don’t keep it plugged in because of the continuous noise in my speakers or headset - I assume because of bad grounding.

3)  There were dozens of complaints over 2+ years about same back up issue that I have for the Passport which I just bought less than a month ago.  This leaves me with the impression that the people of WD care little about it’s main business.


I replied to you on your newer post with a tip about your backup.