My new WDBCKA0040HBK-NESN 8TB drive says it's 4TB, more or less

Ordered from WD Online Store, arrived this morning. Plugged it into my Win10 Pro PC and it appears to be a bit smaller than expected. Tried any number of tricks, gave up and re-formatted.

Still shows capacity of 4,000,650,866,688 bytes, or 3.63TB with 281,972,736 bytes or 286MB in use as Windows interprets it.

See my following “Never Mind” post

Maybe a big “Never Mind” is in order.

I ordered an 8TB drive from the Online Store. The packing list says "EASYSTORE DESKTOP 8TB PAN-AM, but the model number says it’s a 4TB drive.

Going back and actually reading the order confirmation email (who does that?) it very clearly says that the device I’m getting is Capacity: 4 TB.

While I clearly selected the 8TB drive on the order form, everything else clearly shows that I bought a 4TB drive and the price seems appropriate for a 4TB drive too.

I guess this is a case of a deal really being too good to be true.