My new Hard disk is very slow (Hard disk LED never stop blinking)!

I just bought Westerndigital 2 TB SATA buffer 64MB (Green) (Model Number: WD20EARS).

I have partition my HDD to 2 partition (C: 104GB and D: 1.71TB)

I notice the system performance declines after I CLEAN install new Windows 7 x64.

It is already 10 days but HDD LED still blinking. And performance is declines (I can feel it very much).

It is 100% abnormal. Is it the bigger drive the slower performance ?

If not please let me know why ?

*I used 500GB Western before and NO PROBLEM at all !!!

My PC spec: Core2Duo 2.66GHz, Memory 6GB.

Can you show us a HD Tune read benchmark graph?

PhotobucketThanks in advance

The numerous dips in the performance graph would suggest that your drive may have many bad sectors. Examine the SMART report under the Health tab. Look for reallocated, pending, and uncorrectable sectors.

Please check in

The Green EARS is an advanced format drive.  If more than one partition, WDAlign is ‘supposed’’ to be run so as to “fix” the partitions alingment.

The OP is using Windows 7. IIUC, Win 7 detects the drive as a 4KB sectored HD and automatically aligns all partitions.



What do you guy suggest me to do now ?

Thanks in advance

yeah what we should we do now?.. i do have desame problem but my HD tune benchmark result is far worst graph from 40% starts reading 1Mbps… should we assume that our harddisk is dying?

This “Western 2 TB SATA/64MB (Green) (Model Number: WD20EARS)” is **bleep** SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!

I have solve my problem…

I use my old HDD install OS . and use new one above for store data !

Anyway I have NEVER seen the **bleep** slow HDD like this in my life !!! I am very disappointed with Western Digital !!!

Thank You

I don’t believe that the poor read performance is due to a 4K misalignment issue. AFAICS, a misalignment would only seriously impact write performance. Instead I still think that the drive is having difficulty reading “slow” sectors, ie ones that require several retries.

I would perform a scan in DOS mode using MHDD. This will eliminate any possible interference from Windows background tasks. MHDD will display the slow sectors, ie >500ms.

Note that you will need to temporarily reconfigure the SATA controller for IDE compatibility or legacy mode in your BIOS setup.

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Try disabling the Indexing Service and the Windows Search service.