My new 1TB WD Hard Drives light only flashes once then nothing

Hi, I’m not the most pc tech kinda guy but il explain as best as I can. I’ve gone to plug my hard drive in, usually, plug it in to the power then the laptop and bang, all up and running. I’ve had it a month, gone to plug it in today and noticed onces I’ve plugged it in to the mains, the light flashes once and then goes out and nothing! Doesn’t come back on if I wiggle it. I pull it out and and plug it again and it flashes then nothing? Obv it does recognise on my pc cos it can’t boot up. Please say you can help, it’s got my whole laptop and 500gb of films I don’t want to lose!! Thankyou

Could be a problem with the connection, did you tried using a different USB cable? Also check on the disk management window to see if it’s recognized there.