My laptop goes black the second I plug in My Passport

I’m using a WD My Passport bus powered hard drive. When I plug it into my Win 8 Yoga 11s usb port it crashes the laptop almost every time. The second that I plug it in the screen goes black. Then I have to restart and it often is difficult to restart after this happens. But the only way the passport works is if I boot up with it plugged in.

I have used this My passport HD on my old HP laptop running Win 7 there is no problem. I have tried plugging in an older non bus powered hard drive into the Yoga and itrecognizes it fine without crashing. It seems to me to be a problem with bus powered devices or drives? 

Has anyone run into this problem?

No idea how to fix this. 

 Any help appreciated.


Try downloading the latest USB 3.0 drivers.

I would check Lenovo’s site for any driver or other updates. It also may be that the Lenovo just doesn’t have enough power for a USB powered drive.