Passport Ultra causes laptop to freeze

I have a WD Passport Ultra USB drive. Been using it with my laptop for a while now. Today when I plug it in my laptop freezes and needs to be turned off to recover. Tried it 3 times and same thing every time. I can plug the drive into my desktop and it does work. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get it to work on my laptop again? Thank you!


Have you made any settings changes on the laptop recently? Permissions, Login name (must match the desktop), drive name or letter, etc.


Thanks for responding Cliff. There have been absolutely no changes to the laptop or even any new programs added. The first happened yesterday when I plugged in the drive and my PC froze. Would not even respond to ctrl alt del. had to turn off with power button. Rebooted and tried again with the exact same results. I then plugged the drive into my desktop and was able to use it. I went ahead and copied everything off of the drive to the desktop just in case. If you have any ideas about this let me know. Thanks again

Sorry. I can’t help anymore. If this is a further problem I suggest you go to Support and open a Support case. Their techs. should be able to help. Just make sure you include plenty of your tedh info on the laptop.