My iphone doesn't backup all its files to mycloud


I have Mycloud 3TB. I installed the app on my android phone and logged in with my admin email. I also installed it on an iphone and logged in with another user email that I added. The problem is that on the iphone, the app chose only a few photos (the latest 10 photos) and uploaded them. What about all the rest of the photos on the iphone? How can I get it to backup all the photos on the device? I have the auto backup of photos & videos set to on in the settings. Kindly advise. Many thanks!!

This link will solve your iPhone issue.

Thanks for your reply. I did that but I can’t get the phone to start backing up now.

Backups only start each time app is restarted, so turn off MC app and then turn it back on.

I did that several times. Nothing happens.

To experiment, I took a new photo on my iPhone then opened MC. it got backed up there. But my old photos and videos still didn’t get backed up.

If all photos are still on phone, rename the folder and let a new default will be made. So you have both folders to select from.