My G-Drive changed to "read only" need to change to "read and write"

My G-Drive has suddenly changed to “read only” and I need to change it back to “read and write”


With a drive being switched to read-only it is likely due to corruption. If the drive has been corrupted you can repair it with some 3rd party software or you can transfer the data off you need to keep and then erase the drive using Disk Utility. That will clean off the corruption and allow it to be read and writable again. You can then transfer the data back to it.

Thanks for the help

@Rydia, I have the same problem. What might have caused the drive to become corrupted? Is that preventable?

hope you got it fixed already but just in case:

You might want to make sure you don’t have something like an antivirus program or idrive or other backup daemon that blocks write access to external drives. you have to check each preference carefully of these programs to make sure they’re not the ones blocking access.

if it’s backing up w. time machine, it might prevent you from getting access while it’s backing up but not sure.

I had a similar thing happen and it was one of my above type programs, can’t remember exactly which one, but it was an almost hidden/hard to find possibly default preference checkmark box that i had to uncheck.

hope this helps others who may have same issue.