G-safe formatted OS Extended suddenly read-only on Mac

All of a sudden, I do not have write access to my G-Safe drives. I get the same message when the drive mounts:

"macOS can’t repair the disk “US CANADA PICS G-SAFE 2T. You can still open or copy files on the disk, but you can’t save changes to files on the disk. Back up the disk and reformat it as soon as you can.”.

No changes were made between the time it was working and the sudden change. The three hard-drives that sit in it are all formatted for use on my Mac. I’ve tried each one individually, I’ve also tried both Thunderbolt-SATA and USB connections.

It seems odd that all three discs, even the one I had stored off-site, have the same problem. I don’t want to go buy another G-Safe or HD to test it if I don’t have to, I’d rather just transfer the info to a new HD. But I like the mirror raid system and would prefer to salvage the setup I have now.

When I take any one of the Hitachi drives that came with the G-Safe and try to connect it directly with a USB-SATA cable to both of my Macs, the drive(s) don’t mount at all.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A drive going read-only is a form of corruption on the drive. The process to fix it is quite simple. You will need to transfer the content off the drive to another location and then just erase the drive in the Disk Utility. Once it is erased it will clean off the corruption and you can add the data back to the drive.