My external is twice as full as my HD?

Just recently got a My Passport Ultra 1TB external drive. Had it immediately do an auto backup and then it did a scheduled one the following Sunday.

I just checked and it currently says that it has 192GB free of 931GB available.  My entire laptop only  has 500GB of original space and less than 400 being currently used.  I’m told there isn’t enough space to do an image of Windows. How is there almost 700GB worth of info on my external?

What’s going on here?




It is possible that you have done 2 backups on the same drive with WD Smartware or with a 3rd backup software. I recommend that you format the drive and start a new backup. Please note that formatting the drive will delete all the data on it so if you have files on the drive that you dot have on the computer make sure you retrieve them first.

After the drive has been formatted you may start a new backup.

I have a similar issue, but I think it has to do with mulitple copies of the same data.  5 back ups per item.

Any way to take out the duplicate back ups without losing all the data?  I backed up files on this before all this started from a different computer.