My Cloud Visible on Network but Not Other Wi-Fi Devices

My Cloud worked great for a while streaming movies to my Samsung TV and music to my Yamaha receiver over wi-fi. Now My Cloud has become invisible to all but my PC which sees it as part of the wi-fi network. BubbleUPnP on my phone sees the TV and receiver but not the My Cloud.

A few solutions I’ve tried include: 1) in the WD My Cloud interface I turned off the DNLA Media Service, then after it took effect, I turned it back on and 2) rebooted the My Cloud. In View Media Players, Generic Media Receiver is shown. In the Twonky interface, I turned off “Restart on NIC Changes”.

Any other helpful suggestions to make My Cloud accessible to my TV and receiver would be appreciated.


What happened in your network or with your router? A My Cloud does not disappear offhandedly if it was present before.

Check the “Sharing” page of the Twonky UI on port 9000 if your devices are recognized correctly, especially the Yamaha may appear not as Yamaha DMC (or other Yamaha devices listed in the dropdown). Samsung TV has to be “Samsumg Smart TV”.

Someone had a similar problem connected a My Cloud through an ATT unverse router. Their discussion is here:
Can’t connect to U-verse HELP

So I installed a D-link ethernet switch between My Cloud and the ATT uverse PACE router. I was able to finally access My Cloud on my Samsung TV. This situation latest for about a half hour but then disappeared part way through a movie.

I can access the My Cloud using the WDMyCloud program on my PC. Using the WD Discovery program, I can see the WDMyCloud as a NAS, my Samsung TV and Yamaha receiver as Media Renderers and my PC as a Media Server. My Samsung TV does show up 3 more times as Device Type,, and urn:dial-multiscreen-org:device:dialreceiver:1

However, My Cloud is now not available to my Samsung TV and Yamaha receiver.

Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Thanx.

That was me

Betteboop57 - Is your My Cloud still working with your ATT router? I see someone who used this approach said it was a short term fix:
Had this running for a couple weeks now. It’s working, but I get warnings that the connection is lost or intermittent and warnings that the system has restarted. The switch is a good workaround, but this does not solve the problem of auto negotiation.

I’m sorry Steven! I didn’t read the whole thing, only saw my part in my email.

I don’t have all those devices connected (TV, Receiver, etc).

But the Linksys router I am using is still working. I am able to see and connect to my WD MyCloud from anywhere on my MacBook, iPad & iPhone.

Does that help?

I went to the question you stated and posted my ‘fixit’.

You HAVE to have the DLNA server on in My Cloud, because that is all a Smart TV sees – it is a DLNA Receiver, and only can see DLNA files sent by a Media server, which is the Twonky server program inside the My Cloud. A Windows PC is also a Media Server. You are just grabbing at straws, otherwise, with this non-“solution”. If you don’t turn on DLNA media server (media streaming) in you MC your Smart TV doesn’t even have a chance!

I do not have a Smart TV although I have plenty of “smart” devices, meaning they accept DLNA/UpnP content from Media servers connected to my TV system, (examples are WDTV, Roku, Amazon FireTV stick, etc.) And EVERYTHING involved works at TV, iOS and Android devices in home…

Your Internet provider is out of the loophere in one way, you are NOT using Internet in this instance. It is all about the home network your router sets up, so if your router/modem is leased from Internet provider, that could be where problem lies; in the setup there, or in your setting up beyond the router.

I believe you are using a Win PC, if so where does your My Cloud show up as “disappeared”? On PC, devices often disappear in Windows File Explorer, The screen just needs to be refreshed. Here is how, Click on Network on File Explorer listing, Make sure the arrow next to it opens and shows devices. If you see the My Cloud there, fine, but if it is ever missing any time, you refresh the list by highlighting Network, and clicking on the Refresh button near top-right of screen. It is either a curved arrow, or opposing arrows side by side.

So, start with this.

First of all thank you for the lesson! I have to say, you lost me totally! But that’s OK, I think I sort of understand what you are saying. It’s sort of like using a dial phone on a touchtone line. (forgive my lack of knowing exactly what you are talking about)

I am on a MacBook, not a PC. MyCloud did not disappear, it never showed up with the new service, which also happend to be the same day I got my new MacBook. :slightly_smiling: And when I tried to connect my MacBook to the network it wouldn’t. I wasn’t sure if it was the service or my Mac.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with ATT & Apple. ATT blew me off pretty quickly. They did “change the channel on the router”, but otherwise useless. Apple was perplexed for awhile and once I got to a higher tier support, he tried all different things. I don’t remember exactly what we did, but it finally connected after being on the phone for almost 90 min. with him!

I don’t know what you mean by “I am not using my internet” though. Everything seems to be working fine. Is it 100%? Probably not, but I am pretty happy I’m not dealing with TWC and rebooting my router every other day!!

I do not have a smart TV nor do I have anything connected to it like the FireStick. So I’m not sure how this effects me. I have not noticed any diminish in speed upload or download on any of my devices, including MyCloud. As a matter of fact, the speed I’m getting now is 200% better than TWC!!

Again, THANK YOU so very much for taking your time to help!! It IS greatly appreciated that a stranger would try and help. You’re a good egg Mike!


Bette, you seem to be a sweetie, but I have to tell you, my reply was not meant for you; it was meant for the OP (Original Poster) Steven, other readers, not you alone

Anyway, I will try to clear some things up about a home network and Internet, which may help you understand things a bit better…

I don’t know what you mean by “I am not using my internet” though.

What I actually said to Steven (and implied) is that he is “NOT using Internet” when he speaks of the problems he has with his equipment. His problems lie solely with his basic home network setup; it is not configured correctly somewhere within it. Internet has no affect here.

Bette, The Internet service is an “add-on” service to a Home Network. A home network created simply by nothing but a router (with no modem required) that sends out a wireless radio signal in the house. With just the router set up, people can “network” devices; e.g.,two computers together, or a My Cloud to a Smart TV and connect each of these with each other ( or say, a computer and a Smart TV and a My Cloud) None of these signals between the devices even ever see or need an Internet service to work together. Yet, most people today have a home network that includes Internet service as an add-on, for a charge, of course. Think of Internet service like you do cable TV; it is an additional service into the home. With Internet added, people can have web browsing, email, and subscribe to streaming services like Netflix to bring movies into the home.

So what I was implying by my comment was Steven’s problem were not being caused by “Internet” issues, they are a home network issue he is having, and even if he unplugged the Internet line to his home he would still have the issues, because they are network-based, not Internet-based reasons things are not working correctly for him.

Many people speak of the home network and the Internet in their home as being the same thing, and hopefully I have explained that the Internet is a separate part of a home network that can be added to the home network, and most often is today.


your home network is a LAN - a Local Area Network
your Internet access connects to a WAN - a Wide Area Network.

The LAN is local to your home.
The WAN is the entire ‘Internet’, connected via your ISP.

Thanks for “translating”, in a hundred words or less, what I was saying the long way. I was trying to avoid acronyms, so I get extra credit for that! :grinning: