My cloud sync folder android!

I just bought the My cloud and was very happy at first. But am I right that it is not a personal cloud like Dropbox. It can only sync photos and videos from my android phone? I thought that putting files in the My Cloud downloads folder on the phone will upload them to the server, but it does not. Is there a possible upgrade for the app in the near future or is it just for me to chuck the thing in the trash and find another brand and product that is a true personal cloud so I can replace my Dropbox? Or does anyone know of an easy workaround so I can have all files I want synced to the server?

If you have the My Cloud app installed, you should be able to upload photos, music, videos to your My Cloud from your Android smartphone or iOS phone. I’m looking at the upload feature, right now, and I can access all my media files on my phone for upload. However, you have to upload them, manually, just like you would on dropbox.

Now, looking a little further, you can set the app to auto-sync. However, it only works over wi-fi. Which means you have to be on the same network that the My Cloud device is on in order for auto-sync to auto-upload your media.

Ok, little more pressing on the phone than Dropbox. But the auto-sync don´t work. I have added files to the My Cloud folder which is Downlads. But when on the same wi-fi network it does not sync the files from the phone to the WD, is that correct. That the only thing it can auto-sync is photos, vide?

That is correct. Only photos and videos.
But there are other APPs on Android that you can use to sync folders at your choice via cifs.
I sync multiple folders every night.

Can you tell me how?

I use FolderSync from the app store.

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Hans Bol

It should also sync music. But HBMYCLOUD is correct, no other files.

OK got it. Downloaded and have the folder synced with ftp to one server. But do you know if it is possible to have FolderSync work directly to the WD My Cloud?

As I said. Create an cifs account in foldersync according to a wdmc cifs
account. Click in the test button.
After that create a folderpair from phone to wdmycloud.

On the following link there is a help page including a video.


Hello Hans,

I know how to use foldersync for all these cloud services from dropbox to googledrive and I use SMB for my local harddrives or NAS but how can I use FOLDERSYNC on the go over 4G Data to sync with “my cloud” services?

In the foldersync app there is no account cloud service offered like the ones for google, amazon, dropbox, … and I am not sure what type of account I should use if my mobile device is far outside my LAN or WLAN ?

The WD App is no service and it is unbelieveable that WD does not offer an android device sync service or App while there is one available for Windows. I bought this MyCloud to get particulary this job done while on the go but now there is nothing available - at least for me under foldersync.

Hope there is a workaround you might know.

You cannot use FS over 4G without using a VPN.
FS can only be used in combination with WD on your local network. Using a
VPN you can do that because at that moment hou have a local ip address.

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Hans Bol

CIFS is a specific implementation of SMB… So, in simple answer, use any SMB client for android.
Simply search for SMB sync app in Play Store. I liked SMBSync2 which does not have an impressive UI, but works pretty well.
Whatever app you are using, check the options to create a task, then set the remote location with the NAS details (IP/domain name, username, password etc.) and chose the folder where in the NAS you want to sync the android files. After that select the folders (apply other filters) in your local storage (android phone). Create the task. Pretty much all… schedule syncing job as frequently you want, r do it manually.