How to Autosync!


I’ve got a MyCloud 3TB and so far it does what i want from it.

Now i’ve got a question concerning the autosync. My idea is, to have a folder on the MyCloud and this folder should be automatically synced to a local folder on my Android devivce. For example, i put mp3-files from my pc to a “music” folder on MyCloud. These files should automatically be fetched by my Android phone to its local folder. Until now i used dropbox in combination with dropsync. But this possibility always uses the dropbox-server and so its very slow.

My second question is about the WD Photo app.

I’ve got roundabout 30000 photos on my MyCloud. One day i created a new photo folder on the MyCloud and moved all files from public folder to the new folder.

The WDPhoto app still says there are 30000 photos in the public folder, but they aren’t.

So now it says i’ve got 60000 files…

I already deleted the cache of the app and restarted the NAS…

The “real” MyCloud app shows everything right, but not WD Photos…

I would be very glad if you can help me!


There is no built-in option to sync with folders on the NAS. You will have to use 3rd party solutions to do so. I use SyncBack SE. GoodSync, or even SyncToy are good solutions as well. If you have  a Pro or Enterprise version of Windows you could use the offline folders feature.

For WdPhoto, remove the app from the iPad, and reinstall it.

I’ve also found that you can just remove the My Cloud from the photo app and then re-install it. Use the +/- button on the upper right corner of the app to do both actions. 

Thanks for your answer, but i’m not quite sure if my concern is understood.

I am not looking for a program that pushes my files automated to the NAS. That does Allwaysync or belvedere already reliably.

I’m looking for an Android app that downloads files or folders automatically FROM the MyCloud!  I thought the official “WD My Cloud” was capable of this. But there i find only the option to download manually.

Does anyone know a possibility perhaps with another App?

And, no, deinstallation or removal of WD Photos brought no conclusion. Still 30000 Photos which aren’t there. There must be somewhere on the MyCloud be a reference to those dead files.



Hi there!

I think I´ve found the anyswer by myself.

AndFTP was the solution. This FTP client on Android syncs my cloud folders to my local Android folders at a given time via FTP-access.

The WD Photo problem is still unsolved…

Anyone an idea??