Syncing My Cloud from Android Device

Hi, am I right in saying that the sync feature will only work from the device internal storage and not for example a memory card. Can you also specify where the upload will be saved or does the default always save in the public folder?


Hello, The WD My Cloud app auto-syncs the local folders with those in the NAS to keep the downloaded folders in the internal Smartphone/Tablet memory up to date. Currently it is only possible to upload files to the public folder.

I have an android phone and when I open the My Cloud app to My Cloud I get my shares and I can open up the folders and files. When I see something I want to upload I press down on it and it opens up choices at the top. If you do this you should see to the left an X then on the right side a down arrow icon, two pages icon, and a mail icon. I just played with these and by clicking the mail icon I got the choice of placing the file in Gmail or Email. When I clicked on the two pages icon I get Copy to Devices and it shows WDMYCLOUD.  Then I can click on WDMYCLOUD and it shows all my shares with a little down arrow beside Copy to: Shares. When I click on a share, at the top right you will see a clipboard, File+ icon and a check mark. I found that by clicking on the file+ icon I could create a new folder. When I created a new folder under my share and chose an item to upload I then clicked on the check mark and it uploaded the item to the UploadPractice file I created.


Clicking on the clipboard icon when you see it will show you the folder, file, or item you chose to upload.


For the X if you choose something and change your mind this will back you out of that choice.


I think I got each step as I did them.


This appears to work the same way in public folders.


Just try it out.