My Cloud OS5 - Indexing taking forever

@SBrown I only got 2 shares plus the public share that is by default on the system and I want to be able to access all the content from outside of my network so yes its all cloud access enabled. And the only thing I received from you guys from support is some articles on how to resolve that issue. And the funny thing is every article is saying that waiting on the indexing operation to end. But It never ends! And now tonight It was saying that it failed…

That is what tey call “a goog custumer experience”


Just kidding, 1.2 TB of date take nearly tendaysfor indexing. I presume creating previews take nearly the same amount of time. I just star since 5 days on the preview creation progrgess for approx. 4500 pictures.


I agree that the WD indexing is an abomination.

Note that one does not need “cloud access” enabled to allow you to VPN into the system.

I can’t remember if you need access enabled for FTP or SSH access. . . but I would avoid those methods of access in any event.

I can say 1000000% that I am now shopping for a new Cloud drive… The Indexing issue has disrupted my business to the point that it has made the drive no longer valid. as a small business owner WD has just lost my current business and all future business. How can they launch such a software update that will basically ruin their product and be so silent on the issue. Once I find a replacement I will transfer the data to the new drive, then pull the drives and sell the unit to someone else… Its NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!


The only reason I need access from internet is backup of my mobile phone data!
This worked nearly perfect on my broken MyCloud Home and until June 2020 on my EX2 Ultra.

For mobile phone data:

Create a single share (call it phone). Allow web access to that share ONLY.

(I don’t even allow that access anymore to the NAS)

Hello everyone, just fresh new to this community. I have opened the account because I´m going trough the nightmare of the recurring long indexing.

No news from WD to correct this problem after all these months?
Unbelievable but I guess that is the case.

Do we really have to move to Synology or other, or can we really turn off the indexing even if it is loosing remote access from internet?

Thanks for any help and comments.

Do you actually use remote access, and for all drives (assuming you’ve multiple drives)? Indexing is only relevant for WD’s apps, it doesn’t affect access over LAN, say with plex or vlc. Alternatively you can only enable remote access (and hence indexing) for drives you’re going to use remotely.

Unfortunately, worst part isn’t the long indexing period at start, WD will keep waking your drives multiple times a day for no apparent reason if you leave indexing on, there are multiple threads open around that.

Thanks for your reply.

I think I can do without having to access the drive with WD apps remotely. I use it mostly for backups. In a rare occasion if a file got erased I may need to access my backup and retrieve the file, that could be a one time a year situation.

Could you guide to the most recent and valid instructions to deactivate totally the indexing. Do I have to revert to OS3 or it can be done in OS5 ?. I guess after doing so, there is no reason why to keep the app on my phone unless it is for status purposes of the unit.

I wrote here on 12/20 that I as going to get rid of my WD and get something else. Did just that last week. Discovered my Amazon return window for the WD was extended due to the holidays. Packed it up and sent it back.

Purchased a Synology DS220+ with two 4tb IronWolf drives. Got them through Amazon warehouse deals. The whole thing was about $250 more than the WD but man o man is it light years ahead of WD in terms of speed, SW and just about everything else. It introduced me to what a professional NAS is all about. With Plex, no more converting to MP4. No more pixelated blacks, no more problems. Transcodes on the fly. Indexes fast. Very quite too. So many apps to choose from. You can get lost for days with settings and tasks and tweaks. You can even upgrade the existing 2GB of memory to 6GB. Found a 4GB Synology stick on ebay for $24.

Thank you WD for creating such an abysmal SW upgrade and then ignoring it. Without you, I may have never found Synology.

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I did same thing.
But I found Synology has also some minor issue. For example rattling fan (fan also work when HDD are in sleep mode in this NAS). So I replaced it with 92 mm Arctic Cooling - and now it is perfect silence. Synology also wakes HDDs up without a reason thats why I set them up to work whole time without hibernation (temps are 30C or below (MyCloud over 45C). For the night I made schedule to turn off. MyCloud is for sale now. Thanks WD too.

Can be done in OS5. Goto cloud access to disable - this pauses indexing for all drives but doesn’t delete the index so you can flip it back on and the system will continue indexing from that point.

To delete indexing data as well, goto shares, select the volume and disable mobile and web access. Needs to be done individually for all disks. Do note if you turn it back on ,indexing will start from scratch. There was a KB article somewhere, will link if I find the same.

Don’t have an issue with my fan. Either I got lucky or you got a bad one. However, my drives are running at about 37C. The Arctic Cooling fan is sounding pretty good. I’m no expert but what I’ve read is that it’s hard on drives to go from sleep to wake every day and shortens their life. So leaving them on 24/7 in a NAS is recommended.

It’s been 11 days since I upgraded to OS 5 on my WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra. The CPU and RAM are still maxed out in the “generating previews” stage. The fan has never shut off since the upgrade, and the device is running dangerously hot. I guess I’ll just give up and disable remote access. And I guess I’m giving up on WD forever. Never again.

I use an extra fan even for a raid rebuild and did the same while indexing
Guess I was lucky as only 4 days - I let it finish before setting other options.

Thanks for the advice. So, it is not necessary to do those special commands I have being reading all around about using SSH client to issue some stop commands to WD server, etc.???