My Cloud OS 5 Mobile App. How do I download files to my phone?

The only reasons I bought the My Cloud Mirror for was to
a) be able to sync my pictures from the phones to the cloud and
b) be able to download media (music / videos) from the cloud to my mobile devices

for the latter I have shares that are read only for the app users (my family members) so they cannot mess up deleting or moving around media files on the cloud, but they were still good to download the stuff to their phones, untill I migrated from OS 3 to OS 5. It looks like in the OS 5 Mobile App we no longer can download the folders or files but instead play media files from the cloud. What’s going on? Why did WD break this? I’m literally out in the woods with no internet connection at all sometimes and I liked how I could just preload full music albums in flac while at home from my cloud to my phone within seconds and be good to go out. Technically I could hook up my phone to the pc then copy files from the cloud to my phone, but why would I want to do this? this is not how a cloud is supposed to work. Did I miss something here? How do you enable file download from the cloud to your phone for the new OS 5 app?

Edit: Just realized that I can no longer upload files (zip, pdf, doc whatever) from the app to the Cloud, only photos and videos are allowed which is also inacceptable.

What were you thinking WD? Not everyone uses the Cloud as a streaming machine for their videos and photos. I want to be able to transfer files back and forth between the phone and the Cloud, no matter in what file format they are! Why did you strip down every useful functionality of the former app to this useless photo manager app? I just don’t get it…

Be warned everyone, do not migrate to OS 5 if you are fine with your current OS 3 set up. Never change a runnung system!


Thanks for this information although it is too late for me; I already upgraded! Does anyone know a way out of this OS 5 trap?

You may try to open the file and then save it on your phone or tablet.

IT works with pdf open with acrobat reader.

Have you found a work around? This is the stupidest thing ever. I used to Mange files with my laptop on my my cloud drive and then Download them to my phone or tablet as needed. It was really simple now this my cloud drive is all but useless.

I have the same question! One big benefit of the My Cloud drive was that I could download videos to my iPad to watch when I was travelling and without a connection. Now it’s impossible! Utter madness! Why would you remove such an essential functionality?

This is so bad. This just caused me a problem on Location. My system came with os5 but I really just assumed downloading files was part of a cloud device. Silly me.

Clearly WD aren’t going to do anything about this. Anyone got alternative device that will? Also anyone got a way to use chromecast with the WD app?

Don’t know if anyone from WD looks at this but I can only assume that they are too embarrased to comment if they do. If they don’t then why do we bother?

Your phone permissions aren’t setup correctly to allow access to your MyCloud files. I’m an Android user. On your phone or tablet go to “Settings”. Search for “Permission Manager”. Scroll down to “Files and media”.

If “My Cloud” isn’t in the ‘Allowed access to media only’ list, keep scrolling down to the ‘Not Allowed’ list. If there, click on My Cloudit and then click on the radio button to “Allow access to media only”.

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