My Cloud OS 5 Amazon S3 backup

Has anyone gotten this to work successfully?
I am on version Version: 1.15 of the S3 app.
Followed multiple wd forum posts with no luck
Any input is greatly appreciated. I will even pay someone if they can help me figure this out!

I’m having the same issue. It just says “backup failed” with no indication of what happened.

Same here. Cannot find any solution. Looking at the s3.conf shows a error 96. Not helpful.

I got it working after some poking around. Here’s what I found worked:

Make sure your permissions are in order, both in IAM and S3. If you’re not sure it’s set up right, try interacting with the bucket using the AWS s3 command line utility, using the same access key and secret key you’re providing to the backup tool.

When setting up a backup job, the ‘remote path’ should just be the bucket name. Make sure you specify the region.

Thank you sir. I will look at this. If I can’t get it going, I will gladly pay you to help me set it up :grin:

Very excited to try new s3 app as of current OS5 release

Have you considered reaching out to the WD forum community directly? They might have some specific solutions for your version. Also, if you’re interested in an AWS certification, Trainocate offers a range of courses to enhance your skills.

It’s unfortunate that you’re experiencing difficulties with your Cloud OS 5 Amazon S3 backup. While I cannot provide real-time technical support, I can offer some general guidance.

  1. Ensure compatibility: Confirm that your Cloud OS 5 version and the S3 app version are compatible and meet the necessary requirements.
  2. Review documentation: Consult the official documentation provided by Western Digital (WD) for Cloud OS 5 and the S3 app. Make sure you follow the instructions accurately and check for any specific troubleshooting steps.
  3. Community support: Continue to explore WD forums for potential solutions. Post detailed information about your issue, including any error messages encountered. Other users or WD support staff may be able to assist you.
  4. Contact WD support: If the forum posts and documentation do not resolve your problem, reach out to WD’s customer support. They are the best resource to help you with specific technical issues related to their products.
  5. Professional assistance: If you’re willing to pay for help, consider hiring a professional consultant or reaching out to tech support companies that specialize in network storage solutions. They can provide tailored assistance and troubleshooting.