S3 Cloud backup

Has anyone sucessfully setup S3 cloud backup on an EX4?

I use S3 for a number of other things so I think I’m pretty competant when setting up bucket access. I’ve tested the access key and secret key in the AWS policy simulator so I know they’re good.

When I create a backup job I get the message “Backup Failed”. My guess is the bucket name is not in the correct format. What is the bucket name format?

I’m using the latest firmware 1.05.21. Any pointers would be great.



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Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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I was having the same issue, with an error message that said “Backup Failed” - and the NAS did nothing after the error message appeared. I called the Support line and the guy was nice, but after just a couple of minutes he referred me to support level 2 where i waited on hold for about 5 mins. In that time i corrected the issue as noted below.

The fix:

I logged into S3 > IAM > Root Key Access > Manage Security Credentials and from there i reset my root keys, downloaded them to .csv and copy/pasted them into my backup job in EX4 NAS.

Thanks! That solved the issue. It appears the S3 backup will not work unless you use the root credentials. AWS has moved where you manage root credentials. Now you have to: Login to AWS > Your Account > Security Credentials > Access Keys

I’m not thrilled that I have to use my root credentials to perform backups. One would think an old IAM user with the correct permissions would work.

Thanks again.

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