My Cloud Mirror2 case failed. How do I safely upgrade with my current hard drives?

MyCloud Mirror failed. The hard drives are fine, but the machine will not accept firmware reinstall to restart. Red Power Light always flashes, never is solid. Hard and soft resets done, online support gave up and said I need a new device.

My question is, Can I safely use my current hard drives in a New My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Support said probably but WD says to back up the data. Well, that was one reason I had it set up as a RAID array. I have two good hard drives. Support says that the new Ultra may reformat the hard drives. Seems kind of nuts to have a RAID array system that fails with hardware failure. Can this be true? I can’t access the drives now to back them up as the case is broken.

Can I safely use my existing drives in a new My Cloud EX2 without compromising the data on the drives? If so, how?

Because I am paranoid, I do have most backed up the cloud via Drive so all is not lost but, it would be a pain to download a 2TB of data if I am stuck.


Please refer to the following KBA: